Make a quilt block every day for a year.  
I’ll present a new quilt block, every day, for 365 days. Your challenge:  To complete the blocks every day, and build a stunning 90″ square sampler quilt!

The 2016 quilt will be repeated in 2019 (with a few minor alterations for dates which have changed, for example, Easter).
Begin this year, or catch up from 2016, 2017, 2018!

All the blocks will be rotary cut and machine pieced, using quick-piecing techniques.  Most blocks will be either 3″ or 6″, but we are making a few in larger sizes, too. The project is suitable for confident beginners, and becomes progressively more complicated. Tutorials for each technique are included!

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Here’s the general layout of the quilt, from my design drawing in EQ7, so you know what you’re in for …

But … you will have to wait for your daily update to know which block to make!

Are You Ready?

Tips to Get Started

• Every day, you can find your blocks at THE BLOCKS – Daily Update Page. They are in reverse chronological order. If you’ve missed more than a week, consult the Finding Past Blocks tutorial. The blocks are only on the website for 3 months, so don’t delay too long if you want to download the PDF.
• I will also attach the pattern to your daily email, and log this at the Facebook Page, so there are multiple ways to access the blocks.
• The blocks are released at midnight, Australian Eastern Standard Time. There is a Time Zone Converter available so you can work out what time that is in your country.
• Although we start with the basics, and introduce each new technique with a tutorial, there is a tiny little bit of presumed knowledge that you should check over before you start.
Hints for getting organised.
• There is a Birthday Block that you are welcome substitute for the given block on your special day!
• Overall there are slightly more than 365 patterns, so that there is a little flexibility with block selection; and, if I give a particularly difficult block, there is often a simpler substitute given at the same time..

Selecting Fabric

• You can find inspiration here, and in the gallery and the quilts exhibited in Italy 2017.
• Information about selecting your fabric.
Yardage and some hints about selecting your yardage.
• How to use your additional colour (since the patterns are in monotone).


• There is a monthly prize draw on the Facebook Page!
• The Facebook Page is a great place to ask for help or clarification. It’s also fun to share the quilting journey.

So bookmark the website, and join the Facebook Page, and lets get started!

Still Free!

The challenge is free again in 2018!

I’m so thrilled to be running the quilt again this year! It’s great to have you on board. Enjoy!

I’m just a stay-at-home Mum, who loves patchwork, who does this in her spare time …
So, I ask for a small donation, to help me cover the cost of the website, domain hosting and mailing list for the 365 Challenge.
Just a fraction of the cost of such a pattern
if it were produced commercially … $5 or $10 … any amount helps!

All my thanks! -Kathy