The ultimate sampler quilt!

Make a quilt block every day for a year.  I’ll present a new quilt block, every day, for 365 days. Your challenge:  To complete the blocks every day, and build a stunning 90″ square sampler quilt!

All the blocks will be rotary cut and machine pieced, using quick-piecing techniques.  Most blocks will be either 3″ or 6″, but we are making a few in larger sizes, too. The project is suitable for beginners, and becomes progressively more complicated.


Here’s the general layout of the quilt, my design drawing from EQ, so you know what you’re in for …

365 Quilt

And, here’s some guidance for fabric selection and yardage. But … you will have to wait for your daily update to know which block to make! Here’s How the Challenge will Work.


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