March 19


19 Sarahs Favourite
Today’s Block

Sarah’s Favorite first appeared in 1897, as a Ladies At Company block. Although, apparently the girl’s name is somewhat negotiable: Nancy Cabot gave it Sally’s Favorite in 1934, and in 1935, it appeared as Sara’s Favorite. I have given the name the American spelling of favourite, as it was originally published … even though I had to edit it every time, as my typing fingers wouldn’t agree!

March 19 key
Fabric Key for Cutting

March 19 cut

March 19 sew

Hands up Sarahs or Saras or Sallys who are making the quilt!

Download March 19 instructions (as .pdf).

Beyer, J. (2009) The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns
Brackling Press: Elmhurst, Illinois, p. 77

Fabric Image Credit:
Garden Delights Gray Sky Studio for In The Beginning Fabrics.

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