September 22


22 Buttercup
Today’s Block

Welcome to Spring! What a wonderful time of year! To celebrate the change of seasons, today’s block is Buttercup. Try to work an exuberantly floral fabric into today’s endeavour!

This block is a modern simplification of the original pattern, published in the Kansas City Star in 1940:

Bluebell KCS 1940 BB
Illustration from Barbara Brackman’s Blockbase

I first came across the block in a workshop with Jackie Robinson in the 1990s when we did a quilt called How Does Your Garden Grow? from her Perennial Patchwork book. I suspect this is the Buttercup block’s first publication, as it is not mentioned by Beyer or Brackman.

September 22 key
Fabric Key for Cutting

September 22 cut

September 22 sew

Make sure you stop to smell the flowers today! Hope you have a lovely spring day.

Download September 22 instructions (as .pdf).

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Robinson, J (1990) Perennial Patchwork
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Fabric Image Credit:
Garden Delights Gray Sky Studio for In The Beginning Fabrics.

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