May 25


Cut Glass Dish is the original name give to the Winged Square, which we made on May 17, which was originally published by the Ladies Art Company in 1897. The original pattern had the half-square triangles all facing in the same direction, whereas Winged Square reverses the colouring of the half-square triangles along the central axis. See the diagrams below.

17 Winged Square JB

Cut Glass Dish
(original Ladies Art

17 Winged Square flipped

Winged Square

17 Winged Square JB 1
17 Winged Square JB 2

Cut Glass Dish
(Alternative colourings
referenced by Jinny Beyer)

Today’s block is a further variation on this theme, in which the central squares are replaced with four-patches. This variation is from EQ 7.

25 Cut Glass Dish
Today’s Block

May 25 key
Fabric Key for Cutting

May 25 sew

May 25 sew

Download May 25 instructions (as .pdf).


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Brackling Press: Elmhurst, Illinois

Electric Quilt Company, (2014), Electric Quilt, Version 7, Build 3, “Cut Glass Dish”
Electric Quilt Company: Ohio, USA

Ladies Art Company (1897), No 80
viewed at 24 May 2016

Fabric Image Credit:
Tonga ‘crocus’ batik

From the huge range of batiks (including hard-to-find lights) at: