June 11

COLT’S CORRAL, 6″, Light

The version of this with five stripes as published c. 1895 by the Ladies Art Company, with the ignominious title of Five Stripes! Colt’s Corral came from the a column in the Seattle Post-lntelligencer in the 1920s and 30s. The only difference between this and a Rail Fence pattern is that the stripes whirl out from the centre.

An easy one, to make up for yesterday!

17 Colts Corral
Today’s Block

17 Rail Fence
Rail Fence

June 17 key
Fabric Key for Cutting

June 17 cut

June 17 sew

Download June 11 instructions (as .pdf).


Brackman, B. (2012) BlockBase Version 2.2, “Colt’s Corral”
The Electric Quilt Company: Ohio, USA

Image Credit:

Rosewater by Nan for Quilting Treasures.
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