June 14

GRETCHEN, 6″, Light

This block received its name, Gretchen, in the Kansas City Star in 1932. It has also been known as A Feather Bone Block (Kansas City Star, 1950) and Old Maid’s Quilt (Oklahoma Farmer Stockman, nd).

Do we have any Gretchens in the group?

14 Getchen
Today’s Block

June 14 key
Fabric Key for Cutting

June 14 cut

June 14 sew
gretchen trimming
Note the position of the 1″ marks on the ruler in relation to the block
when trimming.

Download June 14 instructions (as .pdf).


Beyer, J. (2009) The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns, p. 212
Brackling Press: Elmhurst, Illinois

Image Credit:

Thank you to Charlott Sundahl of Mossby Quilt Shop in Sweden for the hint about aligning your rulers!

Fabric Image Credit:
Cosy Home from Stof Fabrics

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