June 17


Today is the ‘Trooping of the Colours’ of the Queen’s Household Regiments in London to mark the Queen’s birthday. We are making the block, Salute to the Colors, for our own bit of pomp and ceremony!

Regimental flags of the British Army were historically described as ‘Colours’ because they displayed the uniform Colours and insignia worn by the soldiers of different units. The principal role of a regiment’s Colours was to provide a rallying point on the battlefield.

If Troops were to know what their Regiment’s Colours looked like, it was necessary to display them regularly. The way in which this was done was for young officers to march in between the ranks of troops formed up in lines with the Colours held high. This is the origin of the word ‘trooping’.
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11 Salute to the Colours
Today’s Block

Salute to the Colors was originally published in the Kansas City Star in 1942.

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