June 19

WCT UNION, 6″, Light

19 WCT Union
Today’s Block

The WCTU (Women’s Christian Temperance Union) was formed in 1873 in New York by a group of women advocating the abolition of alcohol. They organised marches and demonstrations that eventually led to the prohibition of alcohol in many towns and cities. Their main fundraising vehicle was raffle quilts; hence, a number of patterns became associated with the WCTU, including Drunkard’s Path, and various tessellating “T” blocks (Smith, 2012).

Today’s block was probably first published in an article about the WCTU in Farm and Fireside, August 1, 1888; but was subsequently published by the Ladies Art Company (pattern #161) and would have been in print by 1897. Barbara Brackman also found it under the names: Montgomery (Hearth and Home) and Celestial Problem (Nancy Cabot, Chicago Tribune, 1935).

Cabot - WCTU

Feel free to vary your colours to be more in line with Nancy’s original suggestion.

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Cosy Home from Stof Fabrics

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