July 15

LETTER O, 3″, Dark

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a whole series of blocks based on Rolling Stone, first published by the Ladies Art Company in 1897 (#216). The basic layout of the block is constant, however the name is slippery! I’ve tried to unravel the historical names, to bring some order to the matter by assigning names according to the placement of the colours from the original sources. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet located all the original sources, so this is a work in progress.

ladiesart08 rolling stone

Ladies Art Company, 1897
#216, Rolling Stone
(two colour)

Also possibly Letter O, Dakota Farmer, 1921
Wedding Ring, Dakota Farmer, 1927

Stone Broken Wheel

Clara Stone, 1906
Broken Wheel
(two colour)

Also possibly Block Circle, 1931
Rolling Stone, both Carrie Hall, 1935 and Kansas City Star, 1936

15 Rolling Stone

Johnnie Round the Corner, Wheel or Single Wedding Ring
Carrie Hall, 1935
(three colour)


Squirrel in a Cage
Kansas City Star, 1935
(two colour)

mrs miller

Mrs Miller’s Favorite
Needlecraft Supply Company, c. 1930, #53
Jospeh Doyle mailorder booklets
(multi colour)


New Hampshire Granite Block
The Workbasket, 1935
Kitty Corner, 1910
(multi colour, vertical stripe)

15 O
Today’s Block

I’ve decided to name today’s block Letter O, although it could (and perhaps should) have been Squirrel in a Cage. This is merely because when presented with a number of options for today’s block one of the pattern testers said “I like the first version best as it looks like a circle”, and I think Letter O conveys this best.

You have two methods from which to choose today. Method 1 uses covered corners, while Method 2 avoids them.

Method 1

July 15 1key
Fabric Key for Cutting

July 15 1cut

July 15 1sew

Method 2

July 15 2key
Fabric Key for Cutting

July 15 2cut

July 15 2sew

Download July 15 Letter O instructions (as .pdf).


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Thank you to Charlott Sundahl, of Mossby Quiltshop, Sweden, for Method 2!

Image Credit:

Brackman, B. (2012) BlockBase Version 2.2, “Broken Wheel”, “Mrs Miller’s Favorite”
The Electric Quilt Company: Ohio, USA

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Image Credit:
Moda Fabric Savannah

by Gingiber

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