August 5

ANN AND ANDY, 3″, Dark

This block has many names, all rather uninteresting, except for Ann and Andy (although the date and source are un-known, Brackman, 2012), so I’ve chosen that one. A quilter from last year suggested it was named for the children’s characters, Ann and Andy, and remembers her mother telling her about playing with Ann and Andy dolls as a child.

So what are all the uninteresting names? There’s Mosaic #17 from the Ladies Art Company (#345, 1897), and Mosaic #10 (Nancy Cabot), Triangle Tiles (Needlecraft Supply, c. 1930s), Triangle Charm (Jinny Beyer), Design No. 1 (Q Book 1) and Sawtooth (Maggie Malone). Another name is Geese in Flight (1974), as if we don’t have enough Goosey-titled blocks.

5 Sawtooth
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