August 11


This block, and a number of others, are named for Admiral George Dewey (1837-1917), celebrating his victory in a battle in the Spanish-American War in 1898 (Barbara Brackman, 2010). This name was given in 1906 by Clara Stone.

Another common name for today’s block is Martha Washington, Martha Washington Star and Martha Washington Design, all from Farmer’s Wife in 1926, and subsequently repeated in the Kansas City Star in 1936. It’s lesser known names are Octagonal Star (Carlie Sexton, 1928 and later documented by Carrie Hall in 1935), and Queen Victoria (Evangeline’s pattern column in St. John, New Brunswick Maritime Farmer, c. 1920s and 30s).

Here’s an interesting overview of American quilts incorporating patriotic and political themes, if you’re interested in following up.

11 Deweys Victory
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