December 4

EMPIRE STAR, 6″, Light


The earliest version of today’s block is from the Ladies Art Company, Mosaic #22 (#350, 1897):

Ladies Art Company Mosaic #22

This block has also gone by the names Empire Star (Hearth and Home), Star of the West (Nancy Page, Birmingham News, 1937) and Ten Inch Border (Nancy Page, Birmingham News, 1939).

As you can see, by comparing the Ladies Art Company drawing and our version of the block, I have simplified the piecing to use flying geese. Nancy Page did the same thing in 1934! She named her version Mosaic #1. I realised this once I had independently re-drafted the block. Nothing is new in patchwork!


So actually, I should be calling today’s block Mosaic #1. But … since Maggie Malone was happy to call her version of the block Empire Star (pieced by a method somewhere in between the Ladies Art Company Mosaic #22 and Nancy Cabot’s Mosaic #1), I followed her lead! So Empire Star it is … and that’s far easier to remember than either Mosaic #1 or Mosaic #22!

And if all that untangling hasn’t satisfied you, have another peek at Old Grey Goose, and you’ll understand why my pet name for today’s block is Old Grey Goose … Opposite!

Ladies Art Company #192, Double Z
also known as Old Grey Goose

Fabric Key for Cutting



Download December 4 instructions (as .pdf).


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