Using Your Additional Colour

Once you start making blocks, you will have to decide when to use your additional colour. The patterns are drawn in monotone, so give no hints. Here are some thoughts to guide you:

1. Consider adding your additional colour to every second block, rather than every block. This way the quilt will primarily read as the main colour.
2. Always use your main colour as the background for the block.
3. Use the additional colour as the highlight, or the feature.
4. Use your “Crossover Fabrics” (fabrics with your main colour and additional colour) to provide a link between your main colour and additional colour within your block.

If all else fails, take a look at the blocks posted by other quilters on the Facebook Page before you start yours. Many of the quilters doing the challenge are very experienced; draw your inspiration from them.

My most valuable advice is:

Trust your artistic instincts!

Your ability to choose fabrics will improve with practice. This quilt uses many, many blocks. A few blocks with which you are not happy will be lost in the overall effect. Just go for it!

There are a few bonus blocks along the way, too. So if there are one or two you can’t stand … you can substitute.