Fiera Creattiva, Bergamo Italy, October 2017

Quilt Show for 365 Challenge Quilts!

Entries close on 15 July for the Fiera Cretaiva Quilt Show in Italy, with a special section for 365 Challenge Quilts!

Enter here:

The rules in Italian are also on the page; the rules in English are 365QUILT_REGOLAMENTO_Eng..

Fantasy Quilt with Kathryn Kerr,
in collaboration with Creattiva Bergamo and Quilt Italia
are proud to present a quilt show and contest especially for you:

365 Challenge Quilt Blocks… A one-year-long challenge!

Your commitment and perseverance over the course of the year will be rewarded by an exposition that will host eighty 365 Challenge Quilts from Italy and Europe.
I’ll be there, with my quilt too!

There will be 5 Awards!
Attendees will choose the “Best in Show”;
I will choose my personal favourite; and
three others will be judged by technical jury.
Awards are sponsored by:
Clover Italia, Janome Italia, Madeira and Freudenberg

Don’t miss this fantastic event!
5 – 8 October 2017,
Fiera Creattiva, Bergamo, Italy

See below for how to enter your quilt.

Meeting Sponsors:
Fantasy Quilt, Fiera Creattiva di Bergamo, Clover Italia, Janome Italia, Madeira and Freudenberg




Enter Your Quilt! Join in the Fun!

If you’re interested in taking part in this amazing event, head over to the
365 Challenge Sampler Quilt Italia Facebook group and
fill in the poll pinned to the top of the posts.
You don’t have to be a member of the group to participate.

If more than 80 quilts are entered, pre-selection will take place.
To facilitate this, you must send a photograph of your finished quilt to
Liliana Soli at Fantasy Quilt prior to 31 August 2017.

Participating quilts must:
* Have a hanging sleeve firmly attached
(the sleeve may comprise several pieces; it need not be continuous);
* Be labelled on the bottom right of the reverse side
with the quilter’s name address and phone number;
* Be insured.
The sleeve and label may be temporarily (but firmly) affixed.

Selected Quilts will be sent to:
Fantasy Quilt presso Ravelli di Ravelli Simone
Via dell’Industria, 5
Cap. 24058 Romano di Lombardia
Bergamo, Italia