How the Challenge Works

How to Subscribe Finding the Blocks
Time Zones Presumed Knowledge

How to Subscribe

You can subscribe to the challenge either by:
1. Liking the Facebook Page
2. Subscribing to Email Updates.
Subscribing to direct email via the form in the footer (scroll down).
Subscribe to direct email via the Facebook Page:
At the “Email Sign-Up” tab at the top of the page; or the app:

email signup FB

You will be asked to enter your name and email address. We are using Mail Chimp for email subscriptions. After you have sent your details you will receive a reply. You must click on the confirmation to complete your subscription.

If you don’t see the reply from MailChmip,
remember to check your Junk Mail folder.

You can alter your subscription, or unsubscribe, by following the links at the bottom of any email, at any time.

How to Find The Blocks

The daily block update will appear on The Blocks page.

You will need to visit this page to view each day’s block, and download the PDF. Because we have had trouble in the past with over-running my poor old web-host’s server at high demand times, instructions to get you started are also included in the daily email, and the Facebook page.

The blocks will be only posted on the website and Facebook for 3 months. That’s part of the fun!

Time Zones

Email and Facbook updates and posts are scheduled to appear at midnight AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) on The Blocks page from January 1.

Outside Australia, check out this Time Zone Converter to work out what time you will receive notification. Use these settings:
My Location: “Australia – Queensland – Brisbane”
Hour: “00 / 12 am”
Minutes: “00”

Then enter your location to calculate the time difference.

Presumed Knowledge

The instructions for the daily block patterns will assume you are competent with the quilting basics listed on the Building Blocks page. Use the time before the 365 Challenge begins to ensure that you are up-to-speed.

If you have problems, ask the Facebook Page group; there are many experienced and knowledgeable quilters working right along-side you!