The yardages listed are the total length required, as if it were a two-colour quilt.

WHITE (close to white) background: 4.5m (4 yards 33″)
Selection of LIGHT backgrounds: 2m (2 yards 6″)
DARK DARK (close to black) background: 2.75m (3 yards)
Selection of DARK to VERY LIGHT colours: 9.5 (10 yards 14″)

Dealing with Additional Colours

If you want to add another colour, then divide the yardage listed below among those colours. For instance, say you would like a brown and blue quilt. The quilt needs 2.75m of VERY DARK fabric, so you could make up the 2.75m with a selection of navy, chocolate brown, and perhaps navy with brown squiggles. Use any combination you like, fat quarters, fat eighths, scraps or whole metres … as long as it adds to about 2.75m.

Similarly, the quilt needs 2m of LIGHT backgrounds, so you might buy a fat quarter of light blue, cream/blue posies, cream/blue stripe, and tan/white, and then add 1m of a light tan you love … as long as it adds to 2m.

If, after reading the section below, buying yardage still confusing you … here are some Hints and Tips.

Detailed Yardage Breakdown

Here’s a more detailed breakdown, below. The fabrics illustrated are just examples.

Main Colour

Tone Examples Yardage Required
Dark Dark
(close to black; main dark background)
28964-1 28963-1 2.75m
(3 yards)
Dark 30174-2 30176-2 1m
(1 yard 3″)
Dark Medium 30170-2 28956-1 1.75m
(1 yard 33″)
Medium 30176-4 30169-4 1.5m
(1 yard 23″)
Light 30181-4 productimage-picture-union-blues-fabric-8291-11-moda-fabrics-1259 2.5m
(2 yards 25″)
Very Light productimage-picture-union-blues-fabric-8290-11-moda-fabrics-1255 2.5m
(2 yards 25″)


Tone Examples Yardage Required
(close to white; main light background)
BG 1 4.5m
(4 yards 33″)
(creams that contrast with background enough to delineate shapes)
(2 yards 6″)

Additional Colour

Tone Example Yardage Required
Dark Dark
(close to black)
28961-3 28962-3 Part of your VERY DARK yardage
Dark 30168-5 30169-5 Part of your DARK yardage
Medium 30176-5 Part of your MEDIUM yardage
Light to Very Light 28962-4 Part of your LIGHT yardage

Crossover Fabric

Tone Examples Yardage Required
Dark Part of your DARK yardage
Medium Crossover civil_war_fabric_modern_quilt_shop_in_missouri_quilt_shop_in_missouri_barbara_brackman_fabric_8155_22 Part of your MEDIUM yardage
Light Part of your LIGHT yardage

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Electric Quilt Company: Ohio, USA

Windham Fabrics Nancy’s Blues by Nancy Gere
Windham Fabrics Lincoln Bicentennial 1808-2009 by Nancy Gere
Moda Fabrics Union Blues by Barbara Brackman