Fiera Creattiva, Bergamo Italy, October 2017

Thanks to the amazing work of Lilliana Soli of Fantasy Quilt, a special exhibition of 365 Challenge Quilts was hosted by Quilt Italia, Claudio Ravelli or Fantasy Quilt and the Fiera Creattiva in Bergamo, Italy between 5 – 8 October, 2017!

Here are some articles from the local press:
* Bergamo News, October 10 (a piccie of me)
* Corriere della Sera, October 6 (another photo of the display)
* L’Eco di Bergamo, October 5 (a photo of the display and the huge crowds)
* Bergamo Post, September 28 (announcing the display)

There were 50 quilts displayed from all over the globe!

There were 5 awards, with first prize in the juried competition being a Janome S3 sewing machine! Other sponsors included: Clover Italia, Janome Italia, Madeira and Freudenberg.

Here are all the participants in front of my quilt:

Carlo Conte of Fiera Creattiva and Lilliana Soli of Fantasy Quilt at the Award Ceremony

Best of Show (audience choice)

This quilt was also selected as my personal favourite. Congratulations to Irene Grimes, from the USA. Her quilt is a work of incredible subtlety, featuring a range of carefully selected grey fabrics:

Irene’s long-arm quilting is exquisite and intricate:

Irene Grimes USA close up

Juried Winners

FIRST: Laura Armiraglio, Italy
Prize: Janome S3 sewing machine!
Laura’s quilt was made from Japanese fabrics.

Laura receives her prize.

SECOND: Gail Smith, USA

THIRD: Rosa Angela Sario, Italy

Small Quilts

The Winner: Maria van Grinsven, Holland

The other entries:

Vanda Vicich, Italy

Jolanda Pandiscia Bressan, Portugal (Azores)

Gallery of Entrants

Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Margaret Riebow, Germany

Anneke Visser, Holland

Rosa Angela Sario, Italy

Bruna Coiro, Italy

Beata Wypych, Poland

Marrianne Dubbeld, Holland

Elena Tortelli, Italy

Maria (Mimi) Kočanová, Slovakia

Brenda Clough, UK

Inge van Zweden, Austria

Marinella Flovian, Italy

Kamila Mendelova, Slovakia

Eva Pocza, Italy

Lydia De Mooij, Oman

Ombretta Loreti, Italy

Maria Bartel van den Oueland, Holland

Giovanna Cecchini, Italy

Teri Zoltánné Tót (Teri Tótné), Hungary

Rita Zivardi, Italy

Franca Deregibus, Italy

Milena Torretta, Italy

Laura Baragiola, Italy

Maria Antonietta Capelli, Italy

Anita Westin, Holland

Bruce Duncan, UK

Irma den Breejen, Holland

Maria Erbaggio Tedesco, Italy

Betty Rixon, Australia

Christina Albrecht, Germany

Angela Veduci, Italy

Christine Galley, UK

Kristine Selbman, Germany

Monica Lorenzon, Italy

Marian Keall, UK

Agnese Righi, Italy

Rosanna Holmgren, Sweden

Roberta Stocchetto, Italy

Monica Faedda, Italy

Nadia Godini, Italy

Roza Oros, Hungary

Giuliana nardin, Italy

Maria van Grisvan, Holland

Manola Peraldo Prun, Italy

Emmanuela Zorzi, Italy

Leonora Moroni, Italy

Lidia Stef, Italy

Stella Pedrocchi, Italy

Kathryn Kerr, Australia

Kathryn Kerr, Australia (back of quilt)